Wallpapers and upholstery at the National Theater, Imperial Spa, Valtice, St. Vitus Cathedral, and Náměšť on Haná

Welcome to our article, which will guide you through the fascinating world of our brocade commissions and their impressive executions. With pride, we will introduce you to several exceptional places where our masterfully crafted brocades provide unique beauty and elegance. We will take a glimpse into the National Theater, stroll through the Imperial Spa, explore Valtice Castle, immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of St. Vitus Cathedral, and visit the picturesque Náměšť on Haná. Get ready for an engaging look into the secrets of our high-quality brocade creations and their unforgettable realizations.


How are replicas created?


The path to a luxurious job such as the creation of brocade for the National Theater begins with registering for a tender. In the event of a win, the order is approved and then the actual implementation.

Brocade replicas are created in the design department, where they are faithfully redrawn. There is an initial "throw" of the fabric, which goes to the customer to check the pattern and color.

Once the brocade is approved, it's time for weaving and, if needed, finishing. After all the steps, the order is handed over and the installation takes place in the designated place. At this moment, the work of HEDVA ČESKÝ BROCÁT ends and all that remains is to wait for the breathtaking photos of the final realization.


National Theatre




natonal theatre



The Imperial Spa, Karlovy Vary

Silk warp, cotton weft, and a seemingly simple fabric pattern, yet with very intricate weaves. Further detailed analysis of the sample, production, and subsequent captivating realization at the Imperial Baths, which were ceremonially opened to the public on Sunday, June 18, 2023. For the second realization, on armchairs and curtains, we used only an older photograph as a pattern, which was artificially colored. However, we are thrilled with the result. We have not seen the interior with our own eyes yet, but we believe that those of you who visit the Imperial Baths will be enchanted.


císařské lázně (1) Warp made of genuine silk, dyed precisely to match the shade of the preserved fabric.
císařské lázně (1) A small piece of the original silk and cotton fabric, with our rendition underneath. The pattern of the Imperial Baths is available on our e-shop - here.


císařské lázně (2) According to this photograph, we created the pattern for the armchair covers.
císařské lázně (2) Armchairs upholstered with our brocade look truly stunning, don't you agree?


Valtice Castle

A Baroque castle located in the district of Břeclav. The State Castle of Valtice has been listed as part of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. You can find our brocades in selected lounges - such as the Red and Pink lounges.

valtice 1

                                                                                                            At Valtice Castle, brocade named "VOLUTE" was used.


St. Vitus Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Vitus, Wenceslaus, and Adalbert is the dominant feature of Prague Castle and also the most significant Czech Roman Catholic church. Brocade named "ARCS" was used for the upholstery of the canon stalls, which features a stunning geometric pattern.
kanovnická lavice










Náměšť na Hané Castle

Náměšť na Hané Castle is located in the town of the same name, approximately 15km from Olomouc. The classicist Baroque castle with French architectural influences was built by Ferdinand Bonaventura Harrach between 1760 and 1763. In several lounges, you can see brocades from our creation.



The pattern of birds on brocades is inspired by traditional Chinese art. This pattern brings delicacy, elegance, and symbolism of Chinese culture into the design. Birds are often perceived as symbols of luck, freedom, and joy in traditional Chinese culture.