LITTLE FLOWER vs BLOSSOM - What's the difference between them?

Our article provides an insight into two brocade patterns: LITTLE FLOWER and BLOSSOM . Based on the images and brief descriptions we provide, you will be able to distinguish the differences between these two patterns. LITTLE FLOWER features a large floral pattern resembling a water lily, while BLOSSOM depict repeated small flowers throughout the fabric. With our article, you'll see the difference firsthand and gain a better understanding of the characteristics, enabling you to comprehend these brocade designs more effectively.



The pattern "blossom" is a delicate and romantic motif. The "blossom" pattern is popular for its versatility and wide range of color variations. It is one of the most widespread patterns of traditional brocades.


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R_6313_56_ONDRIN_TYRKYS_1 R6313_Smaragd_Ondrin_spirála




The "little flower" pattern is popular for its versatility. The flower can be monochrome or multicolored and its shape resembles that of a water lily. It is one of the most widespread patterns of traditional brocades.


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