Rococo, or also late baroque, is an artistic style of the 18th century. Rococo is known for its decorative side - it was widely used in fashion, architecture and furniture. You can use our brocades from the Rococo collection in fashion and at home. Come and be inspired by us.

Rococo architecture in interior and exterior

Rococo is based on Baroque, which is why it is called late Baroque. Rococo is more colorful, bright and playful than cumbersome baroque. Rococo interfered extensively in court culture - influencing architecture, sculpture, fashion painting and other elements.

The Rococo style is most ingrained in architecture thanks to its loose shape and decorative freedom. Ornaments are used to determine the most common time period - the key was the seashell (the name Rococo is based on the French word Rocaie), the lines replaced the curves in the shape of C and S.

The furniture designers preferred plasticity, and had a kind of fondness for nature. The furniture was comfortable, decent with graceful shapes. The main fabric was silk. Rococo furniture looked adorable, combining practicality with beauty.


Rococo fashion

Decorated and even childish, so you could call it Rococo fashion. The ladies wore crinolines, which were decorated with lace, ribbons and various embroideries. The men wore distinctive shoes - they were decorated with ribbons.

High wigs, introduced by the mistress of Louis XV, were typical for women in the Rococo style. Madame de Pompadour. They reached their highest proportions under Marie Antoinette, when every hairstyle became a work of art.