To the south of České Budějovice there is an area called ``Doudlebsko''. Thanks to its location, Doudlebsko had close contact with Austria and Bavaria, so the imported fabrics were unique and quite unusual in Bohemia. You can read about the traditional clothing of Doudleb men and women in the article, where you can also admire our costume brocades.


Women's costumes, especially festive ones, had a typical appearance:

  • colorful, woolen silk
  • changeable, colorful skirts with colorful stripes
  • trims = black velvets
  • aprons with silk, which had a band-arranged, floral pattern, came to Bohemia from Austria and thus replaced woven aprons. The older ones had vertical, silk, stripes and a cotton base
  • the bodice was made of satin or cashmere
  • the shoulders were covered with various types of scarves with a floral pattern
  • linen shirt, small breastplate, puffed sleeves with cuffs
    a black scarf with a flower in the corner came to the fore - women tied it at the back and threw one of its ends over the shoulder
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  • dark colors
  • narrow, black boots with decorative stitching at the seams and tied with a wide belt
  • the wide belt was embroidered with peacock feathers, which added delicacy to the pattern = it became a very important part of the rural costume
  • the white shirt was complemented by a waistcoat of richly patterned velvet
  • a silk scarf that was tied under the neck went well with women's scarves
  • round hat and wellies completed the whole costume