National Theatre 2023

A luxurious order for the National Theater - installation is already underway and soon these magnificent brocades will be on display in the premises of the National Theatre. Samples from the weaving mill, details of the brocades and photos from the installation can be found in the article.



The path to a luxurious job such as the creation of brocade for the National Theater begins with registering for a tender. In the event of a win, the order is approved and then the actual implementation.

Brocade replicas are created in the design department, where they are faithfully redrawn. There is an initial "throw" of the fabric, which goes to the customer to check the pattern and color.

Once the brocade is approved, it's time for weaving and, if needed, finishing. After all the steps, the order is handed over and the installation takes place in the designated place. At this moment, the work of HEDVA ČESKÝ BROCÁT ends and all that remains is to wait for the breathtaking photos of the final realization.


How the brocade for the National Theater was created and a demonstration of its implementation

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Weaving Completing the outline Brocade detail Realization at the National Theatre



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The installation was difficult, but the result will be worth it!
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