Silver collection - glittering luxury not only in the interior

Do you want to modernize your wardrobe and add luxury, glitter and unusualness to your interior? Just use one color - silver! You can find the Silver collection and its use in the article.

Design glitter for every room

Silver is a very distinctive color, but thanks to its glitter and luster, it brightens up any interior, thus enabling it to be visually enlarged. It is no wonder that the incorporation of silver accessories has become, in recent years, very trendy. You can't say a room it wouldn't fit into. Luxurious design will add to the living room, bedroom, but also the bathroom or kitchen.

Silver shades go well with colors from the neutral range (white, black, coffee, beige and gray). For someone, silver can be a cool color, so it is advisable to add a sober, soft pink or yellow. Silver is highly versatile, so it goes well with metal, wood and stone.

Stylish brocade accessories from the Silver collection

Silver, thanks to its versatility, appears in many design styles - minimalist, elegant, glamor, Scandinavian, and many more. If you decide to brighten up your interior, brocades from the Silver collection will certainly help you. They can be used for pillowcases, curtains, bedspreads or upholstery.

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In fashion, brocade is very popular for the creation of skirts, dresses, shawls and jackets. Silver brightens up every person and adds the right flair.

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"Fashion is never ruled by reason, so it is omnipotent."