Easter clothes

The week before Easter in the Czech Republic belongs mainly to cleaning, baking, preparing decorations, but also to Easter clothes. How about matching the Easter holidays in the colors of each day? Blue Monday, Yellow / Gray Tuesday, Green Thursday, White Saturday and something festive on Easter Sunday and "Red" Easter Monday. Come and be inspired by the selection of colorful, traditional brocades that would certainly be suitable for spring festivities.

Blue Monday

It is possible that Blue Monday is named after the blue color that adorned the churches, but from the German word "blau" (incapable of work) it is likely that it should not work on this day.


Yellow / Gray Tuesday

The name is derived from the typical weather at this time of year - either sunny or cloudy. Gray can also be marked because they were supposed to sweep the cobwebs out of the house.


Green Thursday

A day when, according to tradition, only green foods are to be consumed, you should not borrow anything from anyone, nor argue, and also make dough for Judas, who later eats it with honey to guarantee a healthy year.


White Saturday

Lent ends on White Saturday. To this day, lamb is traditionally baked, eggs are decorated and pomlázka is woven.


Easter Sunday

The most important day of the whole Easter holiday - before that was the day of the opportunity to take on new clothes.


Easter "red" Monday

Day of pomlázka - the boys go to a carol, whip up girls, which is supposed to bring them beauty, health and rejuvenation, for which they get, as a reward, colored eggs, sweets and a ribbon for pomlázka. In the morning, the girls can pour water on the boy.