Floral beauty in luxury brocades

To brighten up, cosset and at the same time bring a piece of nature to life - these are floral motifs. We have chosen for you a sample of two designs that have a similar name but different appearance, these are a small flower and blossom, luxury brocades, which are suitable not only for traditional costumes. See the article for more examples and inspiration.

A small flower or water lily

Luxurious brocade in a small flower design can remind someone more of a water lily. It is, primarily, a costume pattern, but it is not limited to the creation of folk costumes. Its use is extensive - from use on jackets, skirts, dresses, to pillowcases or curtains. There are no limits to your imagination, you just need to pay attention to the correct cleaning of brocades - it is best to use the services of a dry cleaner's.

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Blue is good
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Elegant black
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Gentle blossom

Gentle blossom that are also suitable for daily wear.