A love story shrouded in a pink veil

Valentine's Day (abbreviated Valentine's Day) is traditionally celebrated on February 14 in almost all countries of the world. It is a holiday of love and all lovers, who traditionally send each other symbolic gifts - flowers, sweets or wishes with a heart theme. You can find out where this holiday comes from and what other gifts can be given in the article.

History of the Feast of Love

The history of the holiday is not entirely clear, there are many legends. It is said that the feast is probably derived from the feast of Lupercalia, which was celebrated in ancient Rome. Tickets with the girls' names were placed in the "urn of love" in the early evening of this day. The young men were pulling tickets, and the girl whose name they had taken out was to become their love the following year.

Another legend claims that Valentine's Day became known thanks to the priest Valentine. The ruler of Rome forbade engagement and marriage to his soldiers because he was afraid he would leave the army. However, Valentine's Day resisted the rulers and secretly married the couples. He was arrested and executed on February 14.

Feast of Lupercalia and Feast of Martyrdom Valentine's Day merged into one and a romantic holiday of lovers was created, celebrated on February 14.

Traditional and non-traditional Valentine's gifts

Traditional gifts can be different kinds of sweets, love locks, jewelry, flowers, stuffed animals or perfume. All the best with heart patterns.

In the past, Valentine's wishes (so-called valentines) were very popular, which can be enlivened, for example, by pink brocade. Pink is the color of love, affection and devotion. Given the wide range of patterns and motifs, every woman would certainly appreciate a skirt or jacket that would become an unconventional gift that would surely please.

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Women will certainly also appreciate the decent pillow, window stop or apron.

Men can enjoy braces, tie or handkerchief.

Every gift is a pleasure if it is given out of love.