Christmas dining with a reflection of luxury

Emerald, midnight blue and luxurious gold, these are the colors we have chosen for this year's Christmas atmosphere. Emerald will enliven any interior - the color is very energetic, it is not advisable to overcombine it. It will stand out the most with gold or black accessories. Midnight blue is a bold color that stands out best on its own. And honey? Simply the color of luxury. Come and get inspired by our article and create a Christmas atmosphere in your home with us!



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The luxurious table program, in emerald color, will complete the atmosphere at your lunch or dinner to perfection. The fabric is unique in its luxurious design - you can use it from both sides and it will always look great. You simply choose which side suits and likes you more at the given moment.





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The luxurious table program in midnight blue will make the home cozier. The motifs are literally magical - suns with moons and stars. Midnight blue stands out best on its own - if you still want to liven it up, you can use a silver or white accessory.




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A luxurious table program in timeless gold will add a touch of flair to the home. Gold is the color of happiness - it makes anything valuable and precious. It stands out best on its own.