GREEN & GOLD nature combined with elegance

Green is the color of nature, peace, balance and hope, while the gold color symbolizes grandeur and wealth. Green & Gold is a combination of balancing, neutral, green and modern, timeless, gold. Suitable for more festive occasions. You can create themed clothing, for example, for classical music concerts or openings. Green & Gold can be an extraordinary revival for the interior.

Brocade Green&Gold Patterns


The Green&Gold brocade collection focuses on three symbols,namely:
The above patterns have their uses, but also history and significance. The lyra is suitable for musical occasions. In combination with the laurel, it is possible to make a magnificent jacket as a gift for a music teacher or any musician. The stripes themselves have several uses - as a curtain that optically enlarges the space, or as a garment that slims perfectly. However, they must be chosen correctly.
The Green & Gold collection combines not only green and gold, but also the above-mentioned patterns - lyre and laurel, lyre in stripe and clean stripes.

Lyra and its significance
The lyre is a stringed musical instrument known for its spread in antiquity. It accompanied the ancient Greeks during recitations or singing. This was elevated above other musical instruments. It has a long trebling tone, which resonates within the person, and this complemented the recitation perfectly. The depiction of the lyre on fabrics is suitable for music lovers, teachers or artists.


Laurel - symbol of fame
In ancient times, specifically in Greek mythology, it had an important mission as a sacred plant. It has become a symbol of people desire to know the future. Not only the Greeks but also the Romans placed laurel wreaths on their heads as artists and athletes as a symbol of victory. In the Middle Ages, laurel twigs were used to decorate university students at graduation.
People believed in its ability to protect against evil forces. To ward off evil spirits and misfortunes, almost everyone kept laurel as a "door keeper."


Proper wearing and combining strips
Stripes are a model constant that will never go out of style. People are often afraid of combinations, but they don't have to. If properly chosen, they can slim down and balance proportions.
• Wide streaks = widening effect - if the streaks are wide and horizontal, they will not forgive anything. From a distance, they are distinctive, dividing the figure horizontally, so the body will seem not only wider but also smaller.
• Vertical stripes - it is not entirely true that vertical stripes slim down. If a person has a more distinctly shaped figure, they will emphasize each bend. Therefore, they suit more straight figures with slight differences in their silhouette.
If you need to slim down the figure, it is advisable to choose thinner stripes and a finer striped pattern. Contrast also plays a role - black and white stripes widen more than stripes of the same intensity or tone in tone.

For the stripes in the interior, it is necessary to repeat the general truth: the space optically widens and reduces the horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes are ideal for raising and narrowing the room. The strips always attract attention, you just need to be careful about their correct choice.