Blooming scarves

Scarves and shawls are an integral part of each of our wardrobes, whether for fashion or functional reasons. Our scarves are made of comfortable materials that are good and comfortable to wear. Blooming scarves will brighten up any wearer. They will make not only great but also joy.

Costume scarfs

Costume scarfs are made from a variety of materials and comes from different countries. They are called mantons, posadskie platki, costume or even "grandma" scarves. They are embroidered or printed scarves that used to be part of traditional clothing and costumes. "Piano shawl" has a very similar appearance, but originally it was a decorative cover over the piano - it was richly embroidered, sometimes made of silk. Gradually, these decorative scarves and bedspreads worked out in the form of luxurious fashion accessories up to the social "cream" (they were very popular, for example, in the 1920s) and found their way into international waters of modern fashion.

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Scarves and shawls wrapped in flowers

Floral motifs add scarf and beauty to scarves and shawls, which is especially appreciated by women. Scarves and shawls are made of comfortable material and will perfectly complement any outfit. They are suitable for leisure and formal occasions.