The journey to visit Holy Father


Due to the fact that our company HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT offers church brocade, it received an offer from the Czech Bishops' Conference to create a gift for Pope Francis. The idea was simple but unique - brocade plates with the papal emblem.

Pope‘s emblem

Pope Francis retained his former emblem, which he chose when he was elected bishop, and for which simplicity is characteristic.

The papal symbols are placed above the blue shield, exactly as they were placed by former Pope Benedict XVI (a miter between crossed keys in gold and silver, connected by a red ribbon).

The coat of arms of the order from which the pope comes is located at the top of the shield. Pope Francis comes from the Order of the Society of Jesus - the shining sun, which contains the red letters IHS, the monogram of Christ. Above the letter H is a cross and below the monogram are three black nails.

The dominant feature of the lower part of the shield is the star and the nard flower. According to an ancient heraldic tradition, the star is a symbol of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ and the Church. The Nard flower represents St. Joseph, the patron saint of the universal Church. The Spanish iconographic tradition says that St. Joseph pictured with a twig of nard in his hand. By using these symbols in the coat of arms, the Holy Father wants to express the special respect he has for the Virgin Mary and Joseph. The emblem depicts the entire Holy Family - Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Joseph.


The programme of our representatives in Italy

On November 8, 2021, our representatives set out for Rome, Italy. They were invited to an evening exhibition dedicated to the memory of two priests, Václav Drbola and Jan Bula, which was located in the Velehrad pilgrimage house. The exhibition also included the staff of Czech Television, which broadcast a report in which our representatives can be seen.


The next day belonged to Pontoficio Collegio Nepomuceno (Pontifical College Nepomuceno), where the closing ceremony of the Year of St. Ludmila took place. Gifts for Pope Francis were also presented here, followed by a banquet and free conversation. Since all the clothing of our representatives was designed and created by our company, they became, as they say with a smile, "walking samples".


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The real reason for the trip to Rome came on the third day. The Czech delegation met with the Holy Father. The audience took place in the Paul VI Audience Hall, also known as the Hall of the Papal Audiences. Pope Francis spoke to the packed hall and blessed the brides and bridegrooms who occupied the front ranks. Behind them were our deputies, who met the Holy Father on the stage, where he blessed them.

After the audience, they visited the Vatican Gardens and learned information not only about the gardens, but also about St. Peter's Basilica.


What happened next?

Before leaving for Prague, it was necessary to deliver the products of the company Hedva Český Brokát to the Bishop of Pilsen, Tomáš Holub, who presented the members of the official Czech delegation of bishops and other members of the Czech Bishops' Conference with small gifts.