Floral dining

Not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining, and most importantly, flowers are growing. Spring is waking up to full strength. Come and be inspired by floral dining with us. In the article, you will find inspiration to place a spring table with the help of beautiful tablecloths with accessories in a flower motif.

Spring tablecloths in 3 colors - coffee, cream and white


matches with a lot of colors
lasts to be "in" for many years
the space softens
r_6272_ubrus_sedmikraska_hneda R_27601338_kapsička na příbory_sedmiráska_kávová_3 r_6272_ubrus_prostirani_sedmikraska_hneda
Cream color


evokes a feeling of joy

associates sun, warmth, light and wealth

r_6272_ubrus_sedmikraska_smetanova bila 27601262 r_6272_ubrus_PROSTIRANI_sedmikraska_SMETANOVA

it represents purity, innocence, freedom and new beginnings

symbol of brightness and birth

it is created by a mixture of blue, yellow and red, so it has a positive effect on us







A colorful butterfly suits spring,

the sucker has nectar.

Shakes back and forth,

does not miss any flower.