Black & Gold - dark elegance in the new collection

Black, gold or a mix of both?

Black is the darkest shade of the entire color range. For several years, it has been one of the most sought-after colors not only for clothing. It ranks at the top thanks to its versatility to other colors and occasions. Black clothes can stand out, but they also blend in, depending on the cut and the type of clothing.

Idealism, generosity and nobility, that is the meaning of gold. As soon as we own anything golden, whether in the wardrobe or as a decoration, a common thing becomes a valuable and desirable thing. The garment with golden elements is elegant, timeless and luxurious. It is suitable for more festive occasions, but everyday wear is also not excluded if we want to attract and excel.

The combination of black and gold creates a gem for every wardrobe and interior. The versatility and magic of black combined with elegant, timeless gold is ideal for luxury lovers who like to stand out from the crowd.

Brocade patterns in the Black & Gold collection


it resembles a heart shape, but in the church it can also symbolize the Holy Trinity.

The model enriched the skirt of one of the representatives of the HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT company,

Mrs. Markéta Štrosová,on her way to Rome for an audience with the Holy Father.


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image - 2021-12-10T132628.239



symbol of fertility, fertility and well-being. One of the patterns that enchanted Rome in

the form of the skirt of representative Martina Kohoutková.


You can also buy this very popular and original brocade.
image - 2021-12-10T133848.408

symbol of love, friendship and joy.

It is suitable, for example, for creating jackets that are not smooth black,

but the pattern of them stands out discreetly.

The model that reached Pope František, specifically on the jacket of the director of HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT,

Mr. Ing. Vít Komárek.


You will also find black brocade in this collection.

Patterns that reached the Holy Father

During the journey of the representatives of our company HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT, clothes were created, which were created from the designs of the Black & Gold collection. Specifically, two "pomegranate" and "shamrock" skirts were created, as well as a jacket for the company's director in the "ivy" pattern. The clothes were a huge success and would certainly be gorgeous for anyone who likes elegance and timelessness.