Collection Biedermeier

Biedermeier collection - elegant, sober, practical. Biedermeier was an artistic and lifestyle from 1815 to the revolutionary year 1848. A style that still fits today - romantic, wide skirts, slim waists and fabrics of various colors and types. You will learn more about this historical style in our article.

What does Biedermeier mean?

Biedermeier was an art and lifestyle of a short historical period (from 1815 to 1848). It was the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the Congress of Vienna that ended a revolutionary year. Biedermeier was most widespread in German-speaking countries - the Austrian Empire, Prussia, but also the Czech lands. Some influences of this style spread further into Europe.

Fashion in Biedermeier

Despite the fact that the Biedermeier lasted only three decades, the silhouette of the dresses changed several times - as did their ornaments, accessories and fabric patterns. However, the basic features remained the same, namely:

  • long, widening skirt
  • contrast - slim waist, round shoulder line, which was highlighted by rich sleeves
  • tiny flower patterns
  • decorating dresses with various details - ruffles, embroidery and other applications
  • intricately tangled hairstyles
  • large scarves, capes or wide raincoats served as protection against the cold

With each passing decade, fashion evolved - at the beginning of the Biedermeier there was a dress with a slightly widened skirt. After 1820, thanks to the expansion of the dress, hoop petticoats began to be worn again.

In the years 1830-1848, the Biedermeier was at the very top - the silhouette of the figure resembled the letter "X" (corset, wide, pleated skirt and rich balloon sleeves).

The men's clothing was reserved and simple. The silhouette of the men's clothing resembled women's clothing - a slim waist and broad shoulders. Typical was a tailcoat or redingot, which was complemented by a top hat, stick, gloves and everything was complemented by a watch, which was a symbol of wealth.

Biedermeier collection in our presentation

We have created the Biedermeier collection, which can be used for both clothing and upholstery and wallpaper. Brocade can also be woven in the silk variant.