The Celts

The Celts were a group of peoples from Europe who used Celtic languages. The oldest roots of the Celts should go back to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. The Celts were fond of colorful clothes made of natural materials (linen, hemp, nettles, wool) and made beautiful jewelry. You can find more about Celtic culture and examples of brocades that can be dated back to this time in the article.

A bit of history

The Celts, also known as the Gauls, were the first inhabitants of our territory whose name we know. According to history, they were tall people with blue colored eyes, fair hair and fair skin. They were great warriors, loved fighting and adventure.

They were engaged in the production and subsequent processing of iron, bronze, gold panning, and the production of glass, from which jewelry and ornaments were made. They also minted gold coins. The Celts were poultry breeders and fruit growers. They used iron tools (e.g. grain mills) for every agricultural work.

Celtic settlements were so-called oppida = predecessors of cities. The Celts lived in villages and courtyards, they had their centers of craft and trade.

Celtic religion was associated with nature and magic (sacred animals, trees, druids, ceremonies, magic, etc.).

The era of the Celts in our territory ended thanks to the expulsion of the Germans in the 1st century AD.


Brocades of the Celtic period
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