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MH001233 Ondrin 160 krojový brokát LUČINA žlutá R6381 141 žlutá osnova praná vínová (2)
36 €
Code: MH001233
MH001241 Luxusní brokát 160 51323 PTÁČCI II. žlutá R6579 11 žlutá osnova kávováhnědá (2)
40 €
Code: MH001241
47 €
Code: MH001237
MU001739 Luxusní brokát 160 51308 PRUHY modrá R6484 45 modrá osnova praná tmavě modrá (2)
40 €
Code: MU001739
MU001743 Luxusní brokát 160 50749 OBLOUKY modrá R6314 65 modrá osnova modrá (2)
50 €
Code: MU001743
Luxury brocade 160 50749 MEADOW blue
50 €
Code: MU001745
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19918 3 r5124 129 50749 brokaty saty1
60,50 €
Code: M0001027
R6357 29 51308 bokáty saty Code: M0001029
R6358 29 50749 brokáty (4)
50 € –6 %
46,80 €
Code: M0001031
r 6436 r14 ondrin krojovy brokat fialova 4
36 €
Code: MH000797
20406 R 2514 114 ONDRIN S Code: MH000038
image 2021 02 15T164709.479
36 €
Code: MH000196
image 2021 04 27T132647.721
36 €
Code: MH000035
50,60 € –28 %
36 €
Code: MH000152
Z00961 Odrina 160 krojový brokát KVĚT RATOLEST ecru R5696 r34 režná osnova praná (3) Code: Z00961


We would like to offer you our brocades. Brocade is originally a heavier silk fabric with jacquard pattern of thread containing metallic fibers. In the 21st century, a brocade is also used for (all) fabrics with distinctive plastic patterns. We manufacture them at our HEDVA ČESKÝ BROKÁT s.r.o factory in Rýmařov, Czech Republic and send them all over the world. We have our own design studio, so we are capable of transferring your concepts into our brocades or you can choose from our selection. Anything you need, we know we can help.

We produce cotton brocades with jacquard patterns that are impossible to imitate. Our brocades can be used as a decorative fabric in the historic interiors of; castles, chateaus, museums, theaters and many others. Uses include wallpaper and upholstery, especially for historical furniture that is irreplaceable. They are also suitable for costumes and replicas of historical clothing.

A separate group are ecclesiastical brocades, which differ primarily in pattern and colour.

In our selection you can also find costumes made of viscose or acetate yarns, even in combination with metal yarns, complete with costumes and accessories.
Our brocades are popular with producers of costumes!